automated systems for manufacturing

A UK based client, manufacturing high volume devices, had two major problems: capacity constraints and increasing unit costs. Their asset base consisted of high capital cost semi-automatic machinery, and we recommended that they look at ways to increase throughput by designing and incorporating pick and place technology for use with existing machinery, rather than consider expensive, long lead-time asset replacement.

Working in conjunction with local engineering companies, a system of stand alone modules were designed to automatically feed in components. These were introduced progressively, over the course of a year, replacing the high labour content that had previously been required. This enabled the company to expand without increasing the number of staff. A year later these machines were generating a 60% increase in throughput, combined with a 50% reduction in the labour required, based on 10 million units a year, at a capital outlay of just £98,000.

automation consultancyCourtesy of RH Plastics Ltd