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Over the course of 30 years working in device manufacture and product management, Nick Shelley started on the shop floor and has worked his way to the top. There is barely a manufacturing industry, or job within it, that Nick isn’t familiar with, having worked in heavy, light, technically advanced and highly regulated environments. He now uses his extensive knowledge and experience to drive others to success, and enjoys overcoming the challenges that all manufacturers face.

Nick started his career as a production engineer, and quickly distinguished himself with efficiency initiatives in product design and manufacture that doubled production and achieved rapid payback. Continuing to realise such results, with huge operational savings and cost reductions, he moved into management and technical direction, and has worked for a number of highly respectable medical device manufacturers such as GlaxoSmithKline and Smiths Medical.

Having climbed the manufacturing ladder, Nick has always been enthusiastic about getting involved with base-level production, as well as managing smooth overall operations. He’s an inventor with several patents to his name, so has personal experience of how hard it is for visionaries to get designs and products off the ground.  He’s also established an international medical manufacturing company, Welland Medical Ltd, from start-up. He understands all the pitfalls and dead ends that affect manufacturers, as well as the cost efficient solutions, sources for suppliers, manufacturers and support agencies.

Nick is a Chartered Director holding a diploma in company direction. He has seventeen years experience as a main board executive director with responsibilities for corporate governance, strategy and delegation to management.

Having experienced working in every stage of production himself, Nick likes to involve every stakeholder in his consultancy services. He liaises with, advises and listens to employees at all levels, from shop-floor operatives to venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and business angels. His work abroad, for a number of multinational organisations, has also proved him adept at dealing with different cultures.

Now, for OpenWater’s varied clients, Nick consistently improves manufacturing processes and results through hands-on, comprehensive consulting. He acts as an intermediary between ideas men and financiers, between workers and management, and bridges divides by offering experienced knowledge that others either don’t know or have not considered.


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